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tattoo care.

Tattoos aren't just the ink they're made of. They are an investment in yourself and an expression of who you are. Protect that investment by properly preparing and caring for your tattoos.

tattoo preparation.

You may not think it, but preparing for a tattoo is a crucial part of the process. If you are dehydrated, for example, your skin will not take ink optimally and this could result in a lower quality result. The following tips will help ensure good outcomes.

tattoo prep

aftercare & healing.

How you care for your tattoo as it heals will strongly influence how it will look the rest of your life. Get to know the process by reviewing the Tattoo Healing Timeline.

You can also download a handy print-friendly guide to post on your fridge.

Remember: these guidelines are not a replacement for professional medical advice. A new tattoo is an open wound and should be treated as such.


tattoo maintenance.

Just like the rest of your body, your tattoo needs to be cared for. Take a peak at these tips to see how to keep your tattoo looking fresh.

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